Yao Zhou

Researcher at Tencent

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Yao Zhou


2018.12.18 Our team SSS got 4th place at MLSV2018, AI Challenger! Congratuation!

2018.10.07 Our team SSS got 2nd place at MTSVRC2018! Congratuation!

2017.06.06 Start internship at SenseTime, fortunately working with Ping Luo and Shi Qiu.

2016.08.01 Start internship at Horizon Robotics, Beijing City, China.


Hi, I'm Yao Zhou, a researcher at Tencent YouTu Lab. Before join in Tencent, I have been a computer vision researcher at SenseTime for 2 years, working with Wei Zhang. I got BS and Mphil degree both in computer science at Sun Yat-sen University.


Yao Zhou, et al., Ping Luo, Video Classification via Relational Feature Encoding Networks, the 25th ACM Multimedia Conference, LSVC Workshop (ranking 3rd using 1fps RGB frame), 2017, MountainView CA, USA. PDF

Yao Zhou, Cong Liu and Yan Pan, Modeling Sentence Pairs with Tree-structued Attentive Encoder , the 26th International Conference on Computational Linguistics (~30% acceptance rate), 2016, Osaka, Japan. PDF


4th(4/~100 teams) at Short Video Real-time Classification, AI Challenger 2018.
2nd(2/137 teams) at Meitu Short Video Real-Time Classification Competition 2018.
6th(6/29 teams) at Moments in Time challenge of ActivityNet2018, CVPR2018.
3rd(3/16 teams) at Large Scale Video Classification, ACMMM2017.
9th(9/655 teams, Gold) at Youtube-8m video understanding challenge, CVPR2017.
Huawei Scholarship (top 3%), Outstanding graduate student(top 5%).
The first-class scholarship. (top 10%).